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FACT: 60% of teens are in an abusive relationship. What Is Love provides programs and services for youth, parents, and schools. 




Workshops… What Is Love can provide workshops to parents, teachers, educators, and providers both on and off campus.

Education… What Is Love works closely with PTSA and ELAC committees on each campus to support parents’ ability to identify early warning signs. We teach parents… [1] how the dating landscape has changed for this new generation of teens. [2] Practice how to start a restorative conversation with their teen that opens up positive communication. [3] Connect parents to community resources who specialize in strengthening healthy relationships.

Consulting… What is Love team members can meet independently with parents to address their concerns around their child’s unhealthy friendships or relationships.

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Christy Stillwell works with teens, 14-21, who are struggling with unhealthy friendships or relationships. She can also support youth who are participating in unhealthy and harmful behavior. CONTACT CHRISTY >

GROWING LEADERS • Leadership Retreat Series 
Are you interested in improving your school climate? Growing Leaders prepares the emerging generation to step up and lead, providing a creative space and supportive tools to put your school climate-changing ideas into action. Using the latest research and expert guest speakers, we equip students with real-life skills they can take with them into adulthood. Each year, a cohort of diverse students is selected to build a safe and trusting community of peers committed to [1] caring deeply, [2] thinking creativity, [3] developing an innovative campaign, [4] putting their ideas into action.

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Our schools are taking a strong leadership role in interrupting this type of abuse, and creating opportunities for students to build loving healthy relationships. A safe school environment—where students are not distracted by fear or disengaged from learning because of verbal, physical, emotional, sexual or digital abuse—is essential for student achievement and creating a positive school climate.

School personnel are a vital partner in preventing, assessing risk, and intervening in Teen Dating Abuse.

Classroom Curriculum… What Is Love’s research-based health class curriculum is designed to be a component of your comprehensive sexual health education program. Learn More >

School Culture Survey… We offer a comprehensive assessment of current school safety measures and make recommendations on how we can enhance and support sustainable physical, emotional, digital, and sexual abuse prevention education.

Crisis Support… We are also available for contracted crisis support to assess risk and connect teens and parents to community resources.

Educator/Counselor Training… We bring tangible direct service experience, independent evaluation, and the skills and knowledge to provide interactive training in dating violence policy, intervention and prevention.

Campus-wide awareness campaigns… Dating abuse has an insidious way of influencing the entire school culture and distracting students from learning. What Is Love’s partners with on-campus clubs and programs (high school & college) to support the creation of campaigns about healthy friendships and dating.

We engage student leaders from each diverse group on campus to participate in a training to generate curiosity about healthy dating. Interactive activities are designed to support peer leaders ability to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship behavior. Together they produce an all-school conversation about healthy dating utilizing printed materials, social media and school announcements to help reinforce and amplify their messaging.

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You are not alone.
It is not your fault.

We can help you get connected

Text “listen” to 741741 to connect 24/7 confidentially to a kind support counselor.

Call 866.331.9474 to speak with a trained LoveisRespect peer advocate for support for yourself or a loved one.

Call 800.799.7233 National Domestic Violence 24/7 hotline to talk to an expert for support for yourself or a loved one.

Call 911 If you are in immediate danger.


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