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Parent Engagement

Learning Objectives

Increase parent awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationship behavior


Key Details

Grade Level
9th – 12th Grade
Best Fit Administrators, Educators, Staff & Parents
Best Fit
School Leadership
Mental Health Providers
Training Course
Training Course
3 Hours
Outcomes Build MTSS Capacity for Whole-School
Shared Language, Capacity Building, Leadership, Resources, Progress Monitoring, and Equity
English and Spanish

Restorative Research

Our approach is centered on restorative practices which research shows improves school climate, enhances learning, and positive development of young people. It promotes safety, inclusion, respect, and positive healthy relationships. Restorative practices are positively correlated with lower reliance on exclusionary discipline, an improvement of school climate and student attitudes. A decline in disciplinary problems, truancy, and dropout rates are also correlated with a restorative approach.

Restorative Research