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In February of 2023, the CDC released its 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and the results were startling. The report shows teenage health and wellness are on the decline and schools can play a key role in turning things around. 


of adolescents were electronically bullied during the past year


of adolescents experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness


of adolescents seriously considered attempting suicide during the past year

The findings are especially concerning for female students, who reported worse outcomes than their male peers. Female students were 2X more likely to experience cyber abuse, sexual violence, feelings of persistent sadness, or seriously consider suicide.

Building healthy relationship skills is a key driver for change

Research from the CDC and other sources indicates that relationship education helps youth feel more connected at school and are key drivers in reducing emotional distress, suicidal ideation, physical violence, and many of the other indicators associated with negative short and long-term consequences for youth. For students to build a strong foundation that nurtures a strong sense of self, builds healthy relationship skills, reduces risky behaviors, and leads to academic success, they need a consistent multi-tiered approach for building a more connected, safe school culture. For best practices, strategies, and a multi-tiered approach for building healthy relationship skills and a more connected school culture, contact us today for a free consultation.