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Our Team

Meet our dream team of passionate and dedicated social change heroes who work to promote healthy relationships every day.

Headshot of Christy Stillwell, Founder & CEO at What is Love
Founder & CEO

Christy Stillwell, M.A. Psychology

I am a high school dropout and teen runaway who understands firsthand how violence can shape a life. I grew up in a home with a Dad who hit and used his words in painful ways. Luckily, I had a loving Grandma that kept me safe and gave me the chance to get back on track. Years later, while sitting in an interpersonal communication class, tears began running down my face. This question haunted me, why aren’t we teaching our young people these skills in every classroom? These early experiences inspired me to develop what is LOVE.

For the last twenty-five years, I have worked to implement a healthy relationship curriculum in schools across the country. I facilitate professional learning workshops, train educators, and speak in schools, juvenile detention facilities, universities, and organizations serving young people. I advocate for strong, comprehensive legislation and policies that center on relationship education prevention.

I have a master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in psychological educational curriculum design from Antioch University, Santa Barbara California. I specialize in restorative practices, positive youth development, violence prevention education, anger management, and social-emotional learning (SEL), with a special area of concentration in sexual assault prevention, consent, relationship violence prevention, and healthy relationship skill building.

I am a professor at The Colleges of Law Santa Barbara & Ventura where I teach a restorative justice course entitled Meaningful Alternatives to the Traditional Justice System. The framework of the course explores policy implications, and the potential of restorative justice to address social problems marked by human conflict, oppression, and intimate partner abuse.

I do this work because I am dedicated to creating a community of socially and emotionally intelligent young people who are kind, and empathetic, believe in taking responsibility for causing harm, and work to repair harm as best they can.

I believe this will save lives.


Headshot of Angel Robles, Social Media Manager at What is Love
Social Media Manager

Angel Robles

Angel leverages data-driven insights to guide our social media strategies so we can reach more young people. He is our lead creative overseeing social campaigns, production/distribution of content, evaluating analytics, and maintaining relationships with our partner organizations.

Angel is a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara where he studied Film and Media. With experience in technology and an eye for current trends, he is able to build a diverse inclusive online community to expand our reach as a resource for all.

Headshot of Amber Caldwell, Philanthropic Development at What is Love
Philanthropic Development

Amber Caldwell, MSC

Amber brings over 17+ years’ of experience in non-profit business development, grant writing, and donor relations. She has extensive expertise in building relationships with individuals, families, corporations and foundations to help them achieve their commitment to meaningful giving.

Independent Evaluation

Dr. Lauren Reed

Dr. Reed is an assistant professor of social work at Arizona State University. Lauren has worked with adolescent and adult survivors of dating and domestic violence and has facilitated community-based youth-led programs to empower youth to end relationship violence and promote gender equality in their communities. Dr. Reed specializes in designing and implementing research evaluations for community and school-based programs working to prevent dating violence.

Ali Cortes LMFT

M.A Clinical Psychology & MFTI, Agent of change for youth and families using clinical and culturally relevant interventions is a calling. Empowering individuals to harness their personal strengths and leverage them to live positive lifestyles is my passion and mission.
Suzanne Austin Headshot

Suzanne Austin

Suzanne utilizes her more than twenty years of experience in project management of business and operating systems to support our strategic fund development. Her industry experience includes software engineering, multimedia communication, networking, and education.

She is a passionate advocate for children, civil rights, social action, poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, and teaching our kids how to love in a healthy abuse-free way.

Curriculum Development & Educator

Andrew Gil

M.A. Educational Counseling. Andrew is committed to helping youth succeed academically and socially. While attending UC Berkeley he was heavily involved with CAl Athletics and IM Sports and spent most of his time mentoring and coaching youth in Oakland, California.

His experience as a counselor, coach, and mentor is essential in our curriculum development.


Jennifer Steinwertzel

Jennifer leads our philanthropy development team. She is a passionate educator, writer, and business owner committed to supporting youth in their journey to learn how to love better.

It took Jenn a long time to first, get the help she needed and second, realize that stumbling in life can be our greatest gift leading us to our truest selves. She believes if we can be brave enough to turn to where we stumble, we can succeed. Jenn has a special gift of bringing like-minded people together to create social change and action.

Our School-Based Educators

Teaching Team

Our school-based educators conduct classroom presentations and support parent workshops and youth-led awareness campaigns. Through a robust training and supervision process they build critical skills needed to start this private difficult conversation with teens.

They help create a safe space for young people to be supported, valued, and empowered.